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no plot? no problem!

it's oct, and that means that nanowrimo is just around the corner!

for those that don't know, national novel writing month (nanowrimo) is a fun, seat of your pants approach to novel writing. valuing speed and enthusiasm over accuracy and talent, nanowrimo gives wannabe novelists a deadline (30days) a word count quota (50,000words), and a community (message boards, local groups, etc) to help get it all done.

each year the toronto group gets bigger and bigger. we meet in cafes, pubs, restaurants, etc for both social gatherings and writing sessions. join us and you could become a novelist too! (and it's free, though we do encourage you to make the recommended donation)

for information, go to www.nanowrimo.org, or e-mail me at toronto_on@nanowrimo.org.

signups have begun. message board activity is underway. writing starts nov 1.

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