I don't know where to begin... (ithinkiamfree) wrote in to_collective,
I don't know where to begin...

Pixies Tickets (Excuse this if it shouldn't be here)

In the interest of saving your attention spans, I'll keep this as brief as possible. I'm visiting Toronto in November, and my resident friend managed by some miracle to land four tickets for the pixies so I'll have some decent memories to drag back home with me. We have tickets for the Nov. 25th show, but it turns out that Sarah Slean is also on the 25th. We really, really, REALLY want to hit both.

Anyone feel like trading 4 Nov. 24th tickets for 4 of the 25th ones? Or even just 2? Our other friends don't seem to give a damn about Sarah, but these are some shows that I probably won't have the opportunity to see for a very long time.
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